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NICK HEYWARD Best Of 1983-1998 Part One & Two

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


This is a re-post in memory of DOLORES O'RIORDAN who died yesterday.

I once mentioned in a post that I compiled my personal Best Of CRANBERRIES. And that I never ever would have released "Zombie" as a single, how ever big the success might have been.
And this is my
01 I Still Do
02 Dreams
03 Sunday
04 Pretty
05 Not Sorry
06 Linger
07 Wanted
08 I Will Always
09 Put Me Down
10 Ode to My Family
11 Twenty One
12 Empty
13 Disappointment
14 Dreaming My Dreams
15 No Need to Argue
16 Away
17 When You're Gone
18 War Child
19 I'm Still Remembering
20 Joe
21 Cordell
22 Never grow old
23 Analyse
24 Dying inside
25 The Concept
26 Pretty eyes
27 I really hope
28 Every morning
29 Do you know
30 Carry on
31 Chocolate brown
32 Animal Instinct
33 You And Me
34 Just My Imagination
35 Shattered
36 Saving Grace
37 What's On My Mind
38 Fee Fi Fo
39 Dying In The Sun

Without "Zombie" and without "Salvation"!

Monday, 8 January 2018

ANNE CLARK I'll Walk Out Into Tomorrow (2018)

This month will witness the release of a documentary about ANNE CLARK called "I'll Walk Out Into Tomorrow" on 28th January.
I bet there are some out there who will go and watch with me... Somewhere out there...
I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

CURIOSITY Hang On In There Baby (1992)

Another one off topic. CURIOSITY f.k.a. CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT with a brilliant cover version of Johnny Bristol's "Hang On In There Baby".
I like both versions but CURIOSITY did a fuckin' good job here. Probably their best single, even I really like their first long player. (To be posted here as well one day.)

CURIOSITY Hang On In There Baby (1992)
01 Hang On In There Baby (7" version)
02 Hang On In There Baby (Extended ClubMix)
03 MeaningOf Dreaming

Friday, 29 December 2017

JOHNNY HATES JAZZ Turn Back The Clock (1987)

OK, a bit off topic, as this is NOT INDIE at all... It's simply wonderful mainstream pop and made my days back in the 80s.
I still love the singles and my preferred local radio station plays them frequently - just like a few minutes ago.
01 Shattered Dreams
02 Heart of Gold
03 Turn Back the Clock
04 Don't Say It's Love
05 What Other Reason
06 I Don't Want to Be a Hero
07 Listen
08 Different Seasons
09 Don't Let It End This Way
10 Foolish Heart
11 Heart of Gold (J. Mendelsohn Mix)
12 Turn Back the Clock (J. Mendelsohn Mix)
13 I Don't Want to Be a Hero (Extended Mix)
I wish you all the best for 2018! Stay safe, stay cool! And peace!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

CHILDHOOD Universal High (2017)

Today I stumbled over CHILDHOOD by pure accident and it got me in a minute.
Good god... The voice reminds me of young Paddy McAloon, the music is in parts as well Prefab Sprout, The Dream Academy and Funk influenced Northern Soul.
I hear Paul Weller, Lenny Kravitz, The James Taylor Quartet... Brilliant!

"Universal High" is the second long player from the boys from Nottingham and I just mailed them to get their permission to offer something as a download. So stay tuned.
I will keep you updated here.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

ANDY PAWLAK Sasquatches And Synthesizers (2017)

ANDY PAWLAK finished his new album and it will be available as a download on
iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other download services from
1st December 2017!!!
Buy it here!!!!!
It's influenced by Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm.

There is a YouTube channel to promote the album here.

Check Andy's website here.

I know, a lot of you waited very patiently and now it's time for your reward.
I already wrote a bit about the album in an earlier post.
The album is calm and very emotional. Stories being told and full of love.
I took the cover picture in February this year. No photo shopping or else. Just cropping and labeling. The colours are like the cold winter morning actually was.

ANDY PAWLAK Sasquatches And Synthesizers (2017)
01 Stoneridge
02 Here for a reason
03 Between breaths
04 Lublin
05 Son
06 Sasquatches and Synthesizers
07 Clover
08 September

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

MORRISSEY Spent The Day In Bed (2017)

...from his forthcoming album "Low In High School" out November,17

Monday, 11 September 2017

THE JAZZ BUTCHER Big Questions - The Gift Of Music Vol.2 (1987)

This is a request from Marc Pop.
The Butcher is a very nice guy and he supported us on our record and on our tour years ago.
You better enjoy this or Mr.Fish comes visiting you.

THE JAZZ BUTCHER Big Questions - The Gift Of Music (1987)
01 The Human Jungle
02 Hard
03 Death Dentist
04 South America
05 Groovin' In The Bus Lane
06 Mersey
07 Conspiracy
08 Thing
09 Peter Lorre
10 Vienna Song
11 Olof Palme
12 Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back
13 City Of Night
14 The Hairbrush And The Tank
15 Big Old Wind
16 Forever